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Refunds & Return Policy

Refunds & Return Policy


All sales are final. Seller will not accept returns for "change of mind" or any other reason. Refunds are not given. Illegitimate charge backs will be contested.

Is very important that you understand this before ordering. If you order something that your customs office does not approve of, we will not replace or refund your order! If your country's mailing service is unreliable, we will not refund or replace your order. Please check with your country's customs to ensure that the items you are ordering are legal and not resticted by customs. Typically, smaller packages will arrive in about 10 days, larger boxes may take 2 weeks depending on location. Please note that international shipping times vary considerably from country to country. We ask that you please allow 21 days before contacting us regarding an international shipment.

Seller shall not be liable for any failure to deliver or delay of delivery of goods where such failure or delay has been occasioned by fire, embargo, strikes, wars, accidents, acts of God, voluntary or involuntary compliance with any valid law or regulation of any governmental agency or authority, lack of transportation facilities, or similar causes beyond the control of Seller. In the case of the above causes, Seller shall not be relieved from making shipment or the Buyer from accepting delivery at the agreed price, when the causes of such delay are removed.


All International Customers:

Due to the nature of our products, we do not accept returns on any of our products. Think about it... would you want to receive an order that could have been subject to contamination by a previous customer? We didn't think so. It is for this reason that we cannot accept returns on ANY of our products. We have an outstanding reputation for delivering A+ quality products and requests for returns account for less than .05% of our sales. Buy with the confidence that your order has been exposed to minimal and sanitary processing and handling, the way nature intended.

Seed - mycelium - spores Non-Warranty. We give no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the quality, productiveness, viability, germination rates, or any other matter of any living product we sell, and we will not in any way be responsible for the crop.

European Curtomers only:

Right Of Withdrawal according to the law "buying on distance":

You have the right to cancel your contract within 14 business days beginning with the delivery of the goods. Therefore you have to include the original invoice or quote the order number when returning the products. As a matter of principle we can only take unused goods back. From this right of withdrawal excluded are perishables (in particular mycels, fresh herbs), non consumables as well as growkits, plants, seeds and special orders and orders which are produced and designed according to a specific customers wishes. Upon redelivery of the merchandise we will refund the full amount paid less the mailing expenses, which have to be borne by the customer.  We do not accept returns of: Any item that is returned more than 7 days after delivery. Any item that is not in its original sealed condition, is damaged, or is missing parts. All sales are final. Seller will not accept returns for "change of mind" or any other reason. Refunds are not given unless requested prior to the order being shipped. Illegitimate chargebacks will be contested.