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Bank payment details .com site

These are the bank account details for Shamanic Extracts COM website!

Money Transfer to our bank:
You can transfer the funds directly to our bank account using the information below. Please note that bank transfers should be made in the Euro currency (* Fixed Exchange Rate*, or * Fixed Currency*). Make sure to mention this to your bank when making the transaction. Payment charges have to be paid in FULL by the sender, and the amount received should be the exact EURO GRAND TOTAL

Use the information below to make an IBAN/SWIFT money transfer.

ING Bank

IBAN : NL19 INGB 000 49733 53

Owner Account :

Shamanic Extracts
Postbus 799
3900AT Veenendaal
The Netherlands

Address Bank :

ING bank NV
Postbus 1800
1000BV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone Bank : +31 (0)26 4422462

Important remarks:
Please Mention the order # id number! so we can track it down. Use the 'our cost' option this means YOU pay for the all the costs, we cannot ship orders if we do not receive the full payment.

We require all international transfers to us to be made with the OUR instruction (not BEN or SHA) which means you pay for the bank fees. The only exception is EU-payments in EUR which may be made with SHA instruction.

Don't forget to include your order ID number! (which can be found in your confirmation mail after your order is placed) .

Pay less!

If you transfer money via companies that offer cheap international bank transfers, the service fee will be lower than if you transfer money via your own bank. This is especially interesting for non-EU/eurozone customers. You do not need an account, and we can ship your order as soon as we're notified of your payment. Much faster and easier!

Take a look at these companies:

- World First
- Ria Money Transfer
- XE Trade
- 1st Contact
- UK Forex

- Transferwise. Has blocked us (They stated we fall under a "restricted business category", and will reject every payment). Do not use this service.

NEW: Western UNION direct bank transfer!

Paying with your bank account

Bank transfer with Western Union

Bank transfer with Western Union (WU Pay) allows you to send money directly from your bank account. You simply pay through your own bank’s website. No need to share your financial information.

Your benefits:

  • Convenient: Pay from your own online bank account.
  • Private: No need to share your financial information.
  • Send directly to your receiver’s bank account (in 3-5 days, or in 1-2 days with Faster Payments).

Check your country westernunion website for this service.

IMPORTANT!! Do NOT use the cash pickup option. We do not pickup cash. We only accept the direct bank payment.

Don not forget the include your order number!